uhm… this isn’t what it looks like. 

(it is) 

here’s my GPOY. i’m the alfie allen of group pictures.

here’s the thing, i don’t think alfie allen is unattractive. week after week, i am less grossed out by theon greyjoy. that’s something, right? however, it is not entirely fair to pair him with richard madden and kit harington. i mean, look at them! they’re who greek gods were modeled from. they literally look this good every single second of every single day! they wake up with that smoldering look and every guy and girl can’t help but marvel at their beauty. so, that isn’t necessarily alfie’s fault. it’s just his unfortunate luck. but, i will say, his clothes did not do him any justice. that shirt, alfie? really, you decided on that shirt paired with those pants? that can only be blamed on one person, alfie, and that person is you. now, i hope i’m not being harsh. but i wish someone would pull me aside when i’m taking pictures with two beautiful friends of mine and tell me, “you know, laura, you might want to just sit this one out. plus, it doesn’t look like you even bothered to iron your shirt today.”