sometimes i wonder who i’d be without all of my past present and future boyfriends and then i remember i’d still be the coolest most badass girl and that boys aren’t a necessity to me anymore so much as they are a want and then i’m like wow you’ve really grown up laura cool

truly, madly, deeply missin my long hair today. 😩💇💔

crazy saturday night, yet again. if you can’t handle my wildness, get over it.


no thanks

sometimes i think about kissing people other than my boyfriend. that’s probably the worst thing about me. but dammit, i love kissing!

True Stories (1986)

me rn

✌️fuck everyone who has ever hurt my feelings✌️

4am scorching hot soak because i couldn’t breathe. i hate being sick, i am just so tired and not able to sleep at all.

posting this picture feels like that episode of friends where monica is sick and trying to seduce chandler. but i assure you, that’s not my intention. i haven’t taken a bath since i was an infant, and they’re honestly not what they’re hyped up to be.

today i almost died. as i was stepping into the shower I slipped and fell extremely hard on my back. the only thing i really remember is opening my eyes while water is rushing down on me and my entire body is aching. i cannot tell you how often this has been a nightmare i’ve had. falling in the bathtub or down the stairs and breaking my neck and dying. it happens so fast. anyway, i hope you’re as happy as i am to not have died. i have to at least finish the tv shows i’m in the middle of.

i’d say the coolest thing about me is that i can love just about anything. i don’t have standards for love. i can love anyone regardless of their affection for me. you don’t even have to know my name, i will probably still love you. throw your words at me, run your fingers through your hair, smile at the wrong times. i will love you for that and more. i will love you for that and even less. my love comes easy and quick and with intensity.

me rn listening to jail weddings & just being like whatever

"He didn’t take her breath away. Maybe the opposite. But that was okay-that was really good, actually, to be near someone who filled your lungs with air."
— Landline by Rainbow Rowell (via puhk)